Tablets capping and chipping problem

What would be the cause of tablets of 6.9 mm punch size with 140 mg per tablets weight is capping and chipping? Moisture content is 3%.

In some cases, capping can be caused by not only compacting the granules, but even breaking them or reducing the binding force of the granules. How does your tablet hardness and width behave when encountering these defects? Can you correlate these parameters with tablet capping?

For tablet chipping, one of the causes could be a non-homogeneous lubrication or moisture on the granules, making them more fragile or with less binding in some sections of the tablet making it chip. How does your granule moistur/dryness behave when encountering these defects? Do they correlate with the amount of defects?

There could be several reasons for each defect, but these are some common ones that I know of. I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much sir.