Tablet Granulation

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it can b downloaded from slide share

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Excellent work

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Fantastic knowledge

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Can you tell me about ampere reading which is used to determine end point of granulation

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Amperage reading is the power consumption value by the impeller motor,expressed in KW

which is displaced as digital value and it is considered as end point of granulation when you can observe the granules has been formed and its is established and finalized during validation phase of product.


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Dear @sajjad, its nice presentation,
Just minor review points:

  1. Sieving is non critical step, and i think rate of dissolution is not affected by sieving (Please confirm again).
  2. Pre-mixing is also known as Dry-mixing, better to add this term also.
  3. Sieving of wet mass or most of the product undergoes wet milling with 10mm screen, in general to break the big lumps.
  4. Sieving of dried granules/ drymilling to pass dried granules through the drymill screen to get uniform sise
  5. Most of the product have preblending steps i.e. addition of glident i.e. Aerosil, crosscarmellose, Talc followed by final blending i.e. Addition of magnesium stearate.
  6. spelling Typo error- Excipients, costly, Rotary compression


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thanks for thorough reading and review.
some materials req to be sieved like meglumine and if not sieved effect dissolution.same like if some materials / API have lumps and not properly sieved may effect dissolution.

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Are there any more more pocedure other than Amperage reading to determine end point of granulation?

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manually can be checked by observing no more fine powder.

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