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We have 04 no.s of tablet compression compartments with each other isolated by a corridor. we intend to compress different products in each compartment, we are planned to serve this area with 100% fresh air HVAC unit with basic filtration and a HIPA filter at the supply plenum box. I want to ask if there is any chance of contamination ? or please provide guidelines related to this matter.



100% fresh air enhanse HVAC cost.

Cost is not the matter, please provide the guidelines to avoid cross contamination.

Main parameter is to maintain specific pressure difference beween coridor n rooms

Check pressure differential between two zone or room more than 15 Pascal so less chance to cross contamination.
If you’re not using A/L between compression and corridor than more chance to contamination but if you’re area is qualified and you’re prove did not cross contamination during processes without using A/L can go ahead but it risky and to elaborate to auditots.

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