Tablet compression machine - process validation

There are two compression machines in the facility. Both are same make and model including tooling. One machine was installed in 60%RH area and other machine was installed in the 30%RH area. During project stage many products were validated using the machine in 60%RH area thinking that later stage they can be moved easily into low RH area and both the machines can be used whenever they are free.
At present 60%RH area machine is fully occupied and time has come to move few products to the other machine which is in 30%RH area.
In this scenario, whether products are to be validated again to shift from 60%RH area to 30%RH area? if so what kind of validation to be carried out?
If product specification for RH says less than 60%RH, is it ok to shift the product directly to 30%RH area without validation and having change control in-place with proper risk assessment?

Dear Sudhakar,

Low RH requirement is basically applicable for some moisture sensitive products,

As per regular company standard general products can be manufactured with NMT 25C and 60% Conditions.
i donot think there will need for validation as compression stage validation includes worst case challenge as -Hardness and speed.

You can raise change request meanwhile stating the equipment similarity report.and no impact in PV at compression stage as both mc are equivalent.

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Thank you Hussain for the given reply

No need for validation.raise change control and machine inclusion to BMR of that product.