Tab wt and granules size

What is relation b/w granules size with tab weight?

More bigger the granule siZe or percentage of fines are very less, cause more weight variation.

im am asking in term of tab wt
tab wt is 1200 mg
tab wt is 200 mg
how granule size matter?

I did not see any difference as after drying process, the granules has to pass with 2mm screen of dry mill, irrespective of the tablet weight.
Only the difference between the percentage of fines and regular granule sije.


After drying grains are passed through diffrent sieves.its not mandatory to pass through 2 mm.
its depend uopn dissolution and die filing wt.
for large wt tabs usually grains are passed through lower mesh no like 12 no grains produced are large balanced with die filling wt eg 1200 mg.very small grains for large wt tabs will effect die filling result in wt variation etc.
for lower wt tabs grains are passed through higher mesh no like 16,20,etc so grains are small balanced with die filling wt like 250 mg.
Large grains for smal die filling wt also efect wt variation due to less filling