Swan Surface Validation

i have to do Validation and after selected my area of sampling means the container from where I have to do validation…and add culture on area…after that I perform sampling…take sample to lab and after doing analysis and analysis is from Pour Plate method…now I am confused abt temp condition…means in routine analysis we incubate our scda plate firstly into 20-25°C for nmt 3days for TFC then after 3days we transfer that plate into 30-35°C for nmt 2days for TBC…but when we do Validation or we can say we incubate our plates along with standard culture we have to incubate plate firstly into 30-35°C for nmt 3days then 20-25°C for nmt 5days…so which process I have to do

Incubate according to culture used…If bacteria then 30-35 and for fungus 20-25

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