Swab surface equipment

Hello what is microbial compliance of swab surface equipment?

Depends upons Grades … We have alert and action limits for swabs compliance… Aacording to USP 116
Grade A less than 1
B 5 cfu/ 25 square
C 25 cfu per 25 cm square
D 50 cfu per 25 cmsequare

Swab equipment surfaces
Usp 1116 i think is for stérile forme 50ufc\25cm2 is very limit. there is no comliance for equipment surface, wal, primary packaging for non stérile forme . so is it possible to deffine own compliance . rincing 100 ufc\ml like Walter purifiée .swabing 100ufc\cm2 for all. Is it OK? Think you

Yeah, definitely you are right sir.
On a validation study you can.