Storage of polythene bag

where should polythene bags can be stored which are to be used for inprocess containers of direct product contact areas???

There should be area or storage room for storage of Polybags in manufacturing area (OSD),
or if also you can keep in clean accessory equipment area/room.
Bundle of Polybags can be kept in crates provided with lid. and it should be properly labelled.

Recomandable storage condition for solid dosage form are room temperature & controlled humidity area If controlled humidity area not available at least mapping data to provided when any Internal/ external auditor asked.

Moreover closed lid container to be used for multi pack polythene bag with proper nomenclature. Virgin polythene granule to be used for these type PE bag as its usage for in process product as packaging container closure system

Dear Jayesh

Pl. keep pp empty bag in ss closed container in controlled area in production.