Steroids storage

Dear sir
Can you please guide me whether steroids active materials can be stored with general materials in the same store

Dear Amin,

Steroids can be stored in same store but it should have designated area and under lock and key facility.
Sampling and dispensing shall be designated in separate area.
Scoops should be dedicated or disposable.
For any spillage deactivation to be done.
Dedicated overgown or disposable gown to be used after dispensing.

Thanks for your response. Incase I’m manufacturing creams which contains steroids and other general materials.
and if all those activities, sampling dispensing, over gowning etc. must have a dedicated area the manufacturing area will be common. so what is the point of segregation? Further more, you have mentioned steroids can bee stored in the same store as other materials in a designated area under lock and key., what is the main reason behind that, is it to prevent mix-up, or prevent contaminating other materials.