Sterilization methods

One stainless steel part of filling line is difficult to remove and sterilize by steam as this part is considered product contact part. What is the validated sterilization method of machine product contact part apart from steam sterlization? Can this part be sterilized by chemicals? Is yes, which chemical gives 100% guarantee of sterilization? Thank you for your assistance.

what i understood autoclaving of machine part is not feasible, If the machine part cannot be dismantle, possibility can be checked if can be sterilized by connecting through online SIP procedures after CIP technique, and can be verified by mapping study, placing temp.probe & BI.


Fumigation technique can be used.
Also, could you please specify the part, so that it will be more clear.


Thank you for your reply.

The part is rubber stopper guiding pathway onto vail. It is a narrow stainless steel path through which rubber stopper moves. It has contact with inner part of rubber stopper. If fumigation technique is applicable, what is the chemical to be used and what proportion?