Sterile Water for Injection manufacturing

Can I start a Sterile Water for Injection manufacturing company without any medical or pharmaceutical experience or background? Please suggest to me. Thank you!

You can start Water for injection manufacturing plant without any medical or pharma experience or background. You should have appropriate finance resources and place to build the plant. It is understood that you must have good marketing potential.
Technical support & knowledge can be hired through appointment of pharmaceutical consultant(s). You will have to appoint employees for different functions such as

  • Purchase
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Production (including local FDA approved expert staff)
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory
  • Maintainance & Engineering
  • HR & Admin.
  • Plant safety

Trust me! I am so much happy and satisfied with your reply. Thank you so much!

You are welcome sir.

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Please don’t call it ‘sterile’ unless the finished product (WFI) is made sterile. WFI contains NMT 10 CFU/100 mL, so it’s not sterile.