Sterile Garments

What is the best way to dry autoclaved garments, before issuing for use on the floor?

The most common and effective method for sterilizing garments is via moist heat sterilization (steam sterilization)

Since garments are considered porous materials, the sterilization cycle must be designed to do pre-vaccuum pulses to remove the air inside the chamber and the garments, so that steam can penetrate every space of the garments and effectively sterilize it.

You must follow USP requirements to validate that sterilization process.

I misread your question.

A very effective way to dry garments that were sterilized, are by doing vaccuum pulses at the end of the sterilization cycle… this process allows dry air to enter the chamber by also removing steam from the chamber… This way, the low level of moisture present in the garments is evaporated.

Most autoclaves have this function already available to perform as part of the whole sterilization cycle, ot you can design a cycle specificly for drying.

However, you should not be getting wet garments at the end of the sterilization cycle… wetted materials are the result of a wrongly developed cycle or wrong load patternd design. These dry processes are intended to evaporated the very low level of moisture that is present. If you have problem to dry very wet materials, instead of looking for a process to dry them, it is recommended to correct the sterilization process to avoid havin excess of condensates in the first place.

I hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

Thank you. That’s surely helpful.

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