Standard Tablet Design Criteria (Sieve, Screen and Punch Selection for the tablet design)

What is about the interlinking relationship between Sieve Size, Screen Size, and Punch Size.?
How to choose tooling for the design of tablet (eg. Average Weight of the Tablet is 350 mg).
In this above case, what will the Sieve Size, Screen Size and Punch Size for the standard formulation of the tablet which complies of all the test as per monograph mentioned in the pharmacopoeia.
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Rahul Kumar
KAPL Dharwad

desired dissolution results depend uopn particle size.particle size depend uopn sieve used.
Punch selection depend uopn weight and shape.
e.g for round tab
150-200 8mm
200-250 9mm
300 10 mm
350_375 11 mm
these are approximately observed wt.
For small size tab higher sieve no is used to facilat die filling and vise versa.
for 375mg tab 11 mm round beveld shape punch with 16 no mesh size.

Please provide the details description separately with Flat Punch, Standard Concave Punch and Deep Concave Punch. both for Round and Elongated Punch ( Capsule or Oval Shape). Similarly as mentioned/ described above.