Speed (rpm) for incubator shaker is used

What speed (rpm) for incubator shaker is used to incubate test samples?

Mixing depends on mixing speed and duration, varies for each make and model of shaker. You will need to establish and validate optimal parameters for your process.

Hi Claudia,

Thanks for your inputs. We have been trying to validate an incubator shaker that is going to be used for pre-incubating test solutions that are extracted from a medical device finished products for bacterial endotoxin testing.

Based on the current regulatory guidance which recommends that test solution should be pre-incubated at 37 C for not lest than 1 hour with agitation but there is no specific on what the speed (rpm) should be used. However, we conducted 3 trials with 75 rpm, 100 rpm, and 125 rpm and the results for all 3 trials are consistent and conforms with CV%<20. After 3 study trials, it shows no significant impact on the results for all 3 trials.

Thank you again for your inputs.