Sop revision number

After final approval and before effective of an SOP (SOP/QAD/001-01)(01 means version no.) if we want to some changes on the said SOP through CCP then in that case what will be the SOP no.(same version or next version)?

If we follow change control procedure then next version no.

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Ans: Next version

Rational: Any master document must have identity from its Numbering & version number only. So, we need to mention next version to trace the change.


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what is the procedure for merging two SOPs,
Ex, SOD-35 & SOD-43 and what should be the final SOP number of the hybrid SOP?


You can merge the sop by CCP. Read the content of both sop and decide which sop is to be merged. Suppose u have to merge the content of sod-43 in sod-35. Then obsolete the sod-43 and give the next for sod-35.


Go for a change control and take the next revision number

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I think SOD-43 will be obsoleted right!!


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yes sod-43 will be obsoleted.

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