Sop related quiry

If we are replacing single head machine with four head machine, can I give the same identification and sop number for replaced machine.

No…you cannot give same SOP number as the it is different instrument

As you are replacing old machine (single head) with new machine (four head), new equipment identification number should be assigned. This is to ensure traceability to the documents of old machine and new machine separately such as its calibration, Qualification, validation, repairs and maintainance records etc.
Please ensure that equipment identification number, its make & model should be specified on such documents for the purpose of traceability. There should be internal SOP to govern this aspect.

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sir I think we can give same sop no through change control and we are also revising the same sop.

Sir if we are permanently change the equipment so I think we can give the same sop and id no and we are also revising the same sop through change control.

Yes, through Change proposal you can revise existing SOP of that old equipment keeping SOP number same but with next revision number .
However, in order to maintain proper traceability of equipment related documents, you should assign a new identification number to the new equipment as explained in my previous communication.

Thanku sir

Yiu are always welcome.