SOP for Preparation of Culture Inoculum

Dear, Mr. Ankur
From your draft SOP. If it possible, Can I use 0.85% Normal Saline as a diluent for make inoculum and keep this suspension in 2-8 degree celcius for a week instead of use 0.1% peptone saline?

And I have some question

  1. GeneralIy,working culture must be prepare in form of slant only? Can I make in other form?
  2. I test growth of media culture for every batch prepare in my lab. Can I use qualitative method instead of quantitative method (recovery of culture as spread plate and pour plate)?

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Can anyone help me, Please.

Hi @bewee,
You should prepare culture suspension in 0.9% normal saline solution and you can store it at 2-8 ℃ for a week. But you should validate the storage period.

  1. You can store culture in the form of cryogenic vials and store it at -70 ℃ but it easy to prepare and store the culture in slant form.
  2. No you have to do growth promotion test for every container of the media and its recovery should be at least 70%. Therefore it would be quantitative instead of qualitative.
    Hope it helps.

Thank you.