SIP Mapping- Maximum allowable temperature

(Md.Asif Hussain) #1

Dear All,
What is the maximum allowable temperature during SIP of manufacturing vessel, and how it should be defined.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #2

(Sajjad Ahmad) #3

SIP.Sterilization-in-place for the Pharma & Biotech Industry
SIP systems are designed in such a way that optimal sterilization results are ensured, with the lowest consumption of water, chemicals and energy. While one part of the plant is sterilized other areas can continue to produce product. For the production of pure steam, it has pure steam generators. The steam temperature is above 121 °C. If required the pure steam generator can be enlarged by additional columns to build up a multi effect distillation system. This allows combined generation of pure water and pure steam at the same time.

(Ahmed Gamal Khairy) #4

the temperature range of sterilization by steam generally prefer to be between(121-124) and not high than 124 in order to keep the steam saturated and not supper heated for obtaining an efficient sterilization

(Md.Asif Hussain) #5

Ok, one more thing, as the how we can control the variation in the temperature (ex-one probe show 121.6 and another 128.4) for online SIP system of manufacturing vessel through passing steam?


(Ahmed Gamal Khairy) #6

for this case there are 2 issues should be checked, first: is the calibration of the two probes which one of them may be out of calibration limit or there is a deviation from the standard reference,second: this is may be due to the steam condensation occur during sterilization cycle which lead to decrease the temperature close to condensation site so you has to check the drainage of the steam during the sterilization cycle

(Md.Asif Hussain) #7

Thank you Mr. Ahmed.