Sieving and sizing

differnce between sieving and sizing

Sieving is non critical process, just to break agglomerates,and make free flow,
while Milling is critical in involve size reduction that can impact dissolution profile.

First of sieving is not a non critical process, Every step have its own important with merit & demerits too.

Sieving is the process to separate and break up clumps in dry ingredients as well as to aerate and combine them. Definitely it help to break agglomerates,and make free flow.

Sizing (Size reduction or size uniform) is one of the most extensively used and vital unit operations.In the milling process, material is broken down into small particulate to then be blended, compressed/encapsulation or coated as pharmaceutical tablets.Hammer mill & conical mill type miller use in pharma formulation.

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Sieving gaves us the uniformity of grade of powders. It is also known as classification.
While size reduction is onle unit operation steps in which clumps are reduced by Mills to achieve very small particles but there is no grade fo uniformity of powder.
Both unit operation steps are also important to improve the flow property of drugs…

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