Shop floor control in pharma

Hi experts,

What is shop floor control in the pharmaceutical industry?
Do we really need it when we already had internal audit and self-inspection procedures?

Thank you.

Basically shop floor control is In process quality checks and number of checks/sensor control, challenge control checks in order to maintain the quality of products…

Whereas self inspection basically focus on the GMP aspects, Review of procedures and documents, suggestions for improvement…

Shop floor activity should be monitored in good way to avoid problems and complaints which will inturn reflect need of number of self inspection…


Thank you for your answer. May I ask you what is the difference between SFC and SFM (Shop floor management)? Is there any guideline for SFC?


Shop floor control attends to the following functions
Planned orders
Conversion of planned orders to process/production
Production and process order scheduling.
Capacity requirements planning .
Material availability assessment .
Release of production/process orders .
Material withdrawals .
Order confirmations .
Goods receipt documentation .
Order settlement.