Shelf life of product

If we have a shelf life of dry powder injectables of 3 years ,can we use water for injection used as a vehicle of 2 years shelf life

You can not use water for injection (WFI) of short shelf life than dry powder injection. This is because, after 2 years WFI will be expired. Hence you will have to use WFI of another batch having shelf life more than dry powder.
Even if you use WFI at the end of 2 years (within its shelf life) for reconstitution of dry powder injection then the injection must be used immediately because powder injections are unstable after reconstitution. The shelf life of reconstituted injection is much shorter than the shelf life of the same dry powder injection.

Sir what is reconstituted injection here ?

5 ml & 10 ml

The “Reconstituted injection” is when specified volume of water for injection (WFI) is added to the vial containing dry powder injection to make it either a suspension or solution of that injection.

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