Shelf life of freshly prepared solutions

Please tell me what is the shelf life of freshly prepared solutions

Shelf life of the solutions have to be established by evaluating the concentration of the solution on daily basis.
In general this study has to be carried out for 5 to 7 weeks.
Ex:If solution-A, concentration retained up to 7 weeks, then the solution shelf life can be given as 6 weeks.

Thank you, then I will paraphrase my question.
The monograph states Ā«This suspension is freshly preparedĀ»
That is, what is the storage time of this suspension?
8 hours? 24 hours?

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Freshly prepared means the prepared solution should be used as much as within short period (retain its efficiency). Each solution have its own shelf lifeā€¦
The storage time can be established by conducting solution stability validationā€¦

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