Servo system in packaging machines

What is Servo system in packaging machine? Is there any types?[tt_news]=129496&cHash=21a505ff5e8a2a301513d5291c3f321a

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thanks for the link, these are really helpful.
Now can you tell me what is Vacuum Pressure for leak test and which dye is used and why?

Can you share with me an article about the process of Ordering stereo & order change part in packaging machine

which type of parts?its depend uopn quotatons to vendors

for eg, Blister Packaging Machine. Can you give me an general idea.

yes you will have to approach different vendors send them your machine type and specifications then in return they will send you back their quotions including specs and price etc.then select appropriate vendor whos price etc suit you.then site inspecton and further qualification

Can you explain about problems that observed during packaging.

Wrong batch no embossing on blister/label/pack etc
No of blisters /pack may be increased or decreased mean pack 3 instead of 2.
printing errors.
empty pockts blisters
less volume filed botles
cuts on blister pockets
cuts on bottle seals
n many more depending upon dosage form type

Can you tell me about Camera challenge test & What is the procedure to perform?

camra challenge test is to chek the effective working of camera.

@Sajjad_Ahmad can you explain to me the difference between these vacuum packaging machine we want to pack dry fruits. So i want to know which of these vacuum packaging machines will be more suitable.

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