Sampling of coated tablets

How to take tablets for AQL from filled containers?

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Hi Meennakshi!

Can you elaborate your question a bit more? Is your question related to the use of AQL sampling plans or is it related to the actual process of taking tablets from filled containers as in sampling techniques?

It is about actual process of taking samples from filled containers.

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You can consider 2 types of product to be inspected:

  • Individual tablets
  • Filled containers

If you want to inspect individual tablets, perhaps you could sample them before the container filling operation, that way you won’t have to open filled bottles to take the sample. If by some reason the intention is to sample tablets from filled containers, then you could sample a fixed amount of tablets per container, ensuring that you are able to draw samples from different containers to keep it representative of the whole batch.

This would be a mixed sampling method using “conglomerate” and “single random” sampling techiniques:

  • You randomly select containers (enough to be representative of the whole batch)
  • For each container you randomly take the enough quantity of tablets to ensure you meet your AQL sampling size.

I hope I was able to answer your question.