Same Material Entry and Finished Product Exit Area

Hello experts,

just want to ask if it is allowed to have the same area for Material Entry and Finished Product Exit area?

It’s not possible to allow this process simultaneously. This is very wrong process.
All the material (either RM/PM) should be received through material receiving way as per SOP for that particular process. Material Receiving way is properly controlled area and have some check parameters.
If same area is used for both the process it must put you in hassle due to personnel error (If a personnel put a PM pallet wrongly in FG Store and an another person that is not trained properly can dispatch that one without proper supervision). Or
Any type of incident may happen (not limited).

I mean the Area is for Entry of Dispensed Materials only since we have a separate dispensing area. It is used only as entry area of dispensed materials no other purposes. Error is less since dispensed material is very different from the finished goods.

Yes dispensed material is quite different from finished product but it can also be in packed boxes when we are taking cartons,bottles etc. So the area should be different.

thanks for given me some tips…

it’s possible if these procedures are performed at different times and it must be written in SOP

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Its posible but at a time not allowed its secondary area dispatch
air lock material entry fg product dispatch as per sop Maintain

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