Same batch number product with two different company name

(Vandana) #1

Can we market same batch number product with two different company name?
Our company is changing the name shortly , there is a lot of stock in fg godown and in market with old company name.
Please suggest if anyone have idea abt that.

(Ankur Choudhary) #2

Yes, yes two different companies can have the same batch number.

(Vandana) #3

But how to show in the document like in bmr, bpr?

(Ankur Choudhary) #4

Write company name in the header of the document.

(Jayesh J. Prajapati) #5

Completely agrred with Mr. Admin

(Jayesh J. Prajapati) #6

Another way is that,
BMR can have below provision-
Half quantity can be packed with older company name pkg material and remaining have new company name pkg material.
Ankursir., pl expediate your opinoin for my this reply.
İ m intensly waiting for your vioe.
Pl sir revert me

(Manoj Singh) #7

Prepare history sheet.keep the batch number same for bmr but change the batch number of bpr as per market requirement.suppose batch size in bmr is 20000 and batch number is A.prepare 2 bpr with batch number xx and yy and divide 20000 in two bpr as your requirement.

(Raveendra Adusumilli ) #8

yes, this can be done by providing a declaration in advance to all stake holders about the change of company name

(Meenakshi Gupta) #9

The procedure that you r suggesting may be correct but most oftenly it is considered when we have to pack one product with different brand names.