Safety from UV light in laminar air flow

after how much time should we start working under laminar air flow after switching off the UV lamp in it kept on for disinfection

Generally it is done for 30 min but it should be validated.

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Dear Sir,

Actually my question is after 30 minutes of exposure of Laminar with UV, when should a person start working under laminar so as to disseminate any UV rays effect under it.

Just after switch off the UV light.

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If LFMs are kept on continuously for 24 hrs & requalified regularly & maintained in validated status, in my opinion there is no need of using UV lights. In aseptic areas LFMs are kept on continuously.

UV lights are required microbiology laboratory to ensure maximum reduction of bioload.
In production there’s no requirement bz LAF are continuously working & there’s no bioload produce by manpower.