Rotary Evaporator

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I am writing coursework on Rotary Evaporator could you please suggest reference article for that.

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Sure, here are some reference articles that could be helpful for your coursework on Rotary Evaporators:

  1. “Rotary Evaporators: Key Considerations for Optimal Operation” by Lauren Scrudato, published in Lab Manager magazine (2017). This article provides an overview of the key considerations for operating a rotary evaporator, including the importance of vacuum control, the selection of appropriate glassware and accessories, and strategies for optimizing evaporation efficiency.
  2. “Practical Guide to Rotary Evaporators” by David M. Solis, published in Chemical Engineering Progress (2014). This article provides a practical guide to rotary evaporators, including an overview of the principles of operation, a discussion of the key components and accessories, and a step-by-step guide to the evaporation process.
  3. “Rotary Evaporation Techniques for Higher-Quality Cannabis Samples” by Julia Hidalgo and Rebecca White, published in Analytical Cannabis magazine (2018). This article focuses on the use of rotary evaporators in the cannabis industry, including strategies for optimizing yield and purity, as well as tips for selecting the appropriate glassware and accessories.
  4. “Rotary Evaporation: Tips for Optimal Performance” by Michael Roussell and Harry B. Brodsky, published in Lab Manager magazine (2015). This article provides tips and strategies for optimizing the performance of a rotary evaporator, including techniques for maximizing vacuum pressure and minimizing bumping.
  5. “Rotary Evaporators: Basic Principles, Instrumentation, and Applications” by Alexander H. Kutscher, published in Organic Process Research & Development (2005). This article provides a comprehensive overview of the principles of operation, instrumentation, and applications of rotary evaporators, with a focus on their use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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