Rodent/pest/insect control

rodent/pest/insect control program

Rodent, pesticides and insects control programme should include following aspects,

  • Written agreement with the pest and rodent control agency.
  • Renewal of agreement at specified frequency.
  • Vendor assessment of control agency.
  • Detailed procedures of each control
  • Areas to be covered for pests, insects and Rodent control should be defined.
  • Above areas should be earmarked in the layout drawing of the manufacturing plant.
  • Composition of pesticides, insecticideso and rode tides.
  • Toxicity data of above.
  • Frequencies to be defined for each type of treatment.
  • Detailed procedures about usage of antidotes, in case of poisoning to the persons in the area.
  • Safe disposal of dead insects, rodent etc.after treatment.
  • Usage of insectocutters at appropriate places in the plant. It’s operating instructions, maintenance etc.
  • Recorzd keeping of pesticides and rodent control execution.
  • All above aspects to to be included in an internal SOP.

what type of chemical measures are taken by
control agencies inside mfg plant?

Based on toxicity levels and having desired effects adequate measures are to be taken jointly by the pest control agency and the pharmaceutical company, so as to protect the pharmaceutical products being manufacturerd and the persons working around. A risk assessment should be done for this purpose.

types of chemical used?

Pest control agency can guide us on the types of chemicals to be used for pest, insects treatment.

chemicals can be used in primary mfg areas?

No please.

in coridors?

No please.

how to control flies inside plant if insectocutor alone does not capture properly.

Install insectocutters at strategic places, specifically near entrances of main building, corridors. Use proper spraying at the entrances.
Air locks should be installed at appropriate places for man movement. Similarly pass boxes for material movement.

which type of spray should be used near enterance?

The spray which is effective against flies and crawling insects should be used at the entrances. Pest control agency can give proper guidance.

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Air curtains can be used if required at entry

Sticky pads or trouble gums pads can be placed near to entrance for crawling insects…

it will not effect personal movement?

Ideally it should not affect personal movement as these should be placed at corners near walls. And the location should be earmarked by painting with bright colours. Like square or rectangle shape which should be easily noticeable.


No as these gummy pads are placed in corners or near the entrances.