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Can any one suggest me that where should i clean return riser filter,Return riser filter cleaning area should be inside production premises or it should be out side of premises

Depends on companies policy. Some companies clean the filters in production area and some gave to HVAC department and they clean up in filter clean station.

Return riser should be cleaned outside production area. There should be filter cleaning station in HVAC department of service floor.

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can be washed inside production washing area bcz these are easily washed with water.

Thank you all for valuable suggestion,it is right that HVAC filter should be clean in dedicated filter cleaning area at service floor. Or in dedicated room of outside production premises.But return riser filters are of controlled classified area, it may get particulate contaminated if we bring it outside of production premises then it may lead to clean room contamination.

suppose you want to clean return riser of dry injection filling area. if you use compressed air to remove particles from filter it may contaminate the classified area. it is better to clean at service floor. Remove the filter and pack into polybag and trasfer to HVAC department. After cleaning again pack in poly bag and transfer to production area. mop the riser grill with 70% IPA in washing area of production department and transfer to aseptic area.


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I aggred with your answer,
But please brief explanation of HEPA change procedure…
Advance appreciate

Protecting yourself is the first step when replacing your HEPA filter. Operators should cover their noses and mouths with nose mask before opening filter compartments.

Using rubber gloves can provide additional protection from particles and should be used when replacing your filter.

Before replacing the filter, examine it to determine if there are any holes that can let particles through. If the filter is dirty or damaged, you’ll need to pack in polybag and replace it immediately.

Prefilters are often used to collect larger pieces of debris. so you may need to remove this first. The prefilter can be rinsed clean, but it should be installed only after it has dried completely.

Filters should be dry, as any moisture can cause electrical issues or promote mould growth. The new HEPA filter should be securely installed prior to replacing the compartment’s cover.