Retirement of equipment

when and how can a equipment or instrument can be retired and through what process.

Initiate a change control and assess AT LEAST the following:
*Perform end-of-life tests and equipment review to establish proper functioning of the equipment up to the time of decommissioning.
*Assess in what processes the equipment is used. Are these processes retired also? If not, have they been upgraded to new equipment (validation!). Include review of registration dossiers
*Assess in what systems the equipment is logged (Equipment log, maintenance/calibration systems etc) and update systems
*Assess in what documentation the equipment is named. Update documentation
*Assess in what operator training the equipment is used. Update/retire trainings
*Make sure the equipment is fysically removed from the premises when the above is done.

Sir what is meaning of end of life tests ?

end-of life tests or final calibration/qualification tests are performed to confirm that the equipment performed within its set specifications up until the moment of retiring.

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Thanks sir for the reply