Restricted behaviour in aseptic filling area

Restricted practices
1 Entry of persons having respiratory problem (Cold, allergy) skin diseases (sunburn, open lesions and dandruff), stomach disorder.
2 Direct contact with sterile product container, closure or critical surfaces.
3 Touching of aseptic area garment.
4 Standing with hands on the waist.
5 Use of pencils or erasers,non sterile pen and paper in aseptic area.
6 Verbal communication with people outside aseptic area
7 Unnecessary exposure of product containers to the environment.
8 Reuse of components that have fallen out on the floor.
9 Second time usage of aseptic area garment without being washed and sterilized.
10 Unnecessary storage of articles in clean room.

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what to do in case of sudden sneeze within the aseptic filling area?

Change mask, may be uniform depends

Try to avoid sneezing in grade A area (Under LAF).Change the mask immediately.