Requirement of garment for non sterile product

Dear sir,
I am Vijay Shah
In our new Microbial Lab,
we are going to analyze Microbial contamination test (TBC,TFC & pathogens) under LAF. of non sterile product.
The area is of class 10000. (Class- C)
Please let me know, which type of garments required to wear?

I think, clean, dedicated & non sterile O.T.suit / cover-all, will do.

Please advise…

Yes, the garment type you have suggested should serve the purpose. Please ensure head protection, use face mask and dedicated closed shoes. Also, ensure that you sanitize your hands before start of operations. Strile gowning is not required.

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Sterile garment is not required but at the same time should be cover all and they garment are always used in lint free resources.

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Sunil & N.Kanagaraj,
Thanks a lot.

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