Requirement of daily weight checking

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Does it require to perform daily weight checking of balance to be used in quarantine areas ??

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Ya daily calibration is required

Yea it is required to do weight verification daily. You can use only min and max weight for same.

Daily verification for balance is required.

what could be logic for the daily weight checking of balance ???

Weighing balances may fluctuate in measurement due to their mechanism. Hence, to avoid error in product it is better to verify daily.

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Then why periodically balances are calibrated??

What is the purpose of the Balance in Quarantine areas?
If you do not want perform “Daily weight verification” as per SOP, prepare Risk assessment.
Remove daily weight verification, Modified Before use instead of Daily verification.
Now Why it is required?
It is required to to get assurance from the balance that it shows correct reading against the tolerance of Minimum and Maximum.
Secondly, there are multiple factors might disturb Load Cell of the balance.
So, Ideally within 24 hours, Before use you can do the activity.

As, Your area is Ideal for few days, you are not going to used one of the balance still you need to perform the daily verification to comply your SOP.


Yes its required to calibrate balance in the morning

Daily check and Calibration both are different in terms of activity.

I mean to say this only. Instand of daily performance checks bymistake i have written calibration word.

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calibration frequency is monthly and whenever u change the location
on the daily basis what we r doing is called verification

Is usage log book required for balances in warehouse

not required however daily verification logbook is important.

For verification process change in location of balance is not necessary .but weights are to be verified daily to check any variation in concerned balance.

Not daily calibration its verification of calibrated balances on start every shift.Calibration of balances planned by Eng. Department on yearly or bi-annually basis as per company policy.

Monthly calibration should be done. in which we use minimum weight, 20%,40%,60%,80% weight of balance capacity .

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