Rejected materials storage area

Is it required to maintain separate entry and exit for men and materials?

Separate entry/exit for men and materials is required for warehouses of raw materials, Packaging components, Finished products, and Dispensing & sampling rooms of raw materials.

Sir, is it applicable to rejected materials also?

Generally, Exit door of the Rejected material room opens outside the main warehouse building so that rejected material can be sent directly out for disposition or to the vendor for destruction.
The entry door of rejected material room should have access from within the RM warehouse.
Both the doors must be kept under lock & key or under limited (electronic) access.

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Sir can the warehouse persons keep these keys with them or only Qa persons are authorized to keep the keys with them ?

Warehouse persons can keep the keys provided it has been specified in their job responsibilities. It is not mandatory to keep the keys with the QA persons. QA can have oversight of the entire system.

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