Regulatory Requirements for conduct clinical trials in USA

What kind of Regulatory Requirements for the conducting clinical trials in USA? like, Which kind of Forms needed & FEEs related requirments, checklist, etc.

Please refer USFDA website for Clinical Trials Guidance Documents.
For example please refer following guidelines on USFDA website,

21 CFR part 320 - Bioavailability and Bioequivalence study requirements (for generic drugs)
Good Clinical Practices -

Similarly you can refer ICH guidelines as follows, (
Good Clinical Practice, ICH-E6 (R2)
Similarly there are various guidelines of ICH E1, E2, E3 TO E20 for conducting Clinical trials. These are classified as “Efficacy guidelines” of ICH.

I can suggest that you can also conduct clinical trials in India for the purpose of Regulatory submission to USFDA for rheir assessment and approval to get marketing authorization of a new drug product for USA market.

Similarly, Bioequivalence studies of generic drug products (after expiry of their innovators’ patents) can be conducted in India. There are a few reputed CROs (Clinical Research based Contract Research Organizations) in India to conduct Bioavailabillity- Bioequivalence studies for generic drugs (as ANDA submissions), and Clinical trials (phase-1, 2, 3, & 4) for new drugs (as NDA submission)’ These CROs are several times inspected by USFDA Regulatory authorities and have approved the clinical trials and BA-BE studies conducted and submitted by them through sponsors.

For conducting Clinical trials and BA-BE studies these products should be developed and manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies who submit these drug products samples to the CROs. CROs conduct the clinical trials or BA-BE studies and submit the clinical reports to the pharma manufacturer who in turn include these reports in their NDA / ANDA applications along with other manufacturing information (CMC- Chemistry, Manufacturing & Control) and finally submits to the USFDA Regulatory authorities for their review and approval / marketing authorization.

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Thanks for your compliments. I appreciate for that.
For your knowledge there are handful of CROs (Clinical Research based Contract Research Organizations) in India who are conducting BA-BE studies of pharmaceuical (Generic drugs) products as well as Clinical trials of new pharmaceutical products satisfactorily and those were approved by international Regulatory authoroties.

I was working as Head QA & Regulatory in one such esteemed CRO, namely Lambda Therapeutic Research which is a multinational Indian CRO, based in Ahmedabd, Gujarat having their units in India, Poland, UK & USA. We had conducted over 4000 Bioavailability & Bioequivalence studies for different generic drug produts of several pharmaceutical companies for submission to USFDA, EMA, MHRA-UK, ANSM-France, OGYEI-Hungary, ANVISA-Brazil, WHO-Geneva, Turkish MOH, Thai MOH, CDSCO -India and other global regulatory authorities as a part of ANDA / Product dossiers submissions. Infact Lambda was the first Indian CRO to get the permission to conduct phase-1 Clinical trials in our country in the year 2005-06. Lambda has its own pathology laboratory (Clinical Laboratory) to analyse safety samples of human volunteers participating in Clinical trials and BA-BE studies as per International Regulatory requirements and is accredited by CAP, USA (College of American Pathologists) which is considered as a “Gold Standarad” in Medial field globally apart from NABL accreditation. We had several satisfactory GCP & GLP inspections by Regulatory authorities as mentioned above.

I strongly suggest, the key factor in Clinical Research is to selelct right CRO who are strictly following Quality standards and have credibility and integrity with the highest Regulatory authorities globally.

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