Regulatory Certification

Dear members
I have an experience of abt 8.2 yrs in pharma and have some exposure of Regulatory norms. I want to take forward my career in RA.
Can any one please suggest me any part time Course or any Certification that i can do, will this addition will be recognised by Pharma companies or what should i do to move in RA??

Any suggestion or advice will be valuable for me.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Brother,
No outside certification can give you understanding of real time issues happening during day to day work in industries…every new issue has its own challenges and way out…so majority of interviewers do not consider such certification…what matters is your actual experience in this Regulatory Affairs field and knowledge of guidelines with its understanding for applicability.
You have decent experience so by studying maximum guidelines and learning it’s applicability for betterment of quality of formulations…you can try applying some other companies which recognises your zeal for being a good regulatory professional… afterwards you can switch to any bigger reputed company on basis of such actual experience in smaller form.
Best of luck…

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Thanku for your response.
I do agree with you. There will be different case studies on which we have to assess and give response.
Just i wanted to know is there any reliable course from where i can get some basic knowledge of it so least it will help me for better understanding.
One more thing should i do M.pharm? Or Is M.pharm mandatory for Regulatory affairs.

Thanku once again.

Hi Dipesh,

You can check out RAPS @