Regarding sample weight if average weight given

Regarding Esomprazole magnesium trihydrate sample weight. we received ESMT pellets R&d sample with average weight 217, based upon this how to calculate the sample weight with respect to standard concentration(sample Label claim of esmt is 44.5mg)
std dilution 10/50*5/25(0.04mg/ml).

Please suggest the sample weight calculation


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Please sure about label claim you mentioned it is ESMT 44.5 mg or eq. to Esomeprazole 44.5 mg.
by considering Esomeprazole 44.5 mg, the calculation as follows,
you are taking std. ESMT so take std. wt. is 11.10 mg then conc. of std is 0.04 mg/ml of Esomeprazole. & sample wt. will be 48.76 mg as per dilutions mentioned above & conc. of spl is also 0.04 mg of Esomeprazole. (217 mg pellets contains 44.5 mg of Esomeprazole)

1 mg of ESMT eq. to 900.5 mcg of Esomeprazole.

If Label claim of ESMT is 44.5 mg then sample wt. will be the same & use std. wt as you mentioned.

You have to take 54.13 mg of sample and dilutions are same.