Regarding pet test

Can anyone tell me how does PET test perform in Ointment bcoz ointment is semisolid so how can i take or deliver sample after added the inoculum.

PET can you reading the chapter in the USP 51 this chapter found all the things about preserve test

Yes my dear i know about the USP chapter<51> but my query was differ how can i take or deliver sample after adding the inoculum.

take 10 ml of the sample in 90 ml in PH7 and make normal count, but if the count increase make serial dilution of this sample
Notec the sample with the M.O keep in room temp.

Is it required to perform AET or PET of Ointment ??? As ointment is oil based and there is no water activity.

Yes it is, but before adding the MO in the bottle that contains the Ointment must be put this bottle in the water bath in temperate 40-45 oC to melting this product

ok we will put that sample container in water bath for melting before adding the inoculum. But we can do it only initial day what about the 14 th day how can we take sample on 14 th day because after adding the inoculum we can’t put that container on water bath…then what should we do.

can put this sample container in the below 40 and doing mixing because in the initial count the MO mix with the ointment and this degree of below 40 didn’t kill the MO