Regarding hand sanitization (i.e. Sterillium)

We are using Sterillium hand sanitization before entering into Powder Processing Area (i.e. Critical area).
so, my question is that, after removing of seal from new Sterillium bottle, how long have we been able to use it?

Its 12 month but as you mention its critical processing area i.e. powder processing area routinely industries follows to use within 6 month of opening of pre-installed pump.

If you are using this Sterillium without pre-installed pump please use within 2-3 month only.

It depends up on studies by supplier or inhouse,because sterrillum,IPA or any other disinfectant strength will depend up on the concentration of alcohol. Once if we openes the bottle the alcohol or spirit in bottle will slowly starts vaporising after some time all the concentration will starts vapourising the disinfectant efficiency will reduce also depends where we place the opened bottle too.

Yes , Mr. Bharat you are right. That’s all depend upon studies by vendor end.

we should have technical data sheet from vendor prior to select the type of sterelium disinfectant.

Sterilium (Hand disinfecant) with pre-installed pump technology have two type dispenser technology avaialble i.e. Categary-I (Bottles are placed inside of the dispenser body without bottle cap so that the tube of the pump dips into the product.) Categary-II (Dosing pumps are screwed directly on the bottle.)

Powder pocessing area having controlled HVAC condition, where vaporisation other process might avoided as environmental condtion were well maintained.

thanks for your valuable replay