Regarding Geomixing

Respected all,
Can anyone provide me with the procedure for Geometric mixing
Is Double cone blender can be used for Geometric mixing ifn’t which one can be used?

Geometric dilution / Mixing
When two powders with unequal quantities are mixed, the small weight (least weight) of the powder, usually the active ingredient (API) is first triturated with an equal bulk of the diluting powder. This first dilution is then mixed with an equal portion of diluents. This process is repeated until all the powders are intimately mixed.

You may use polythene bag of suitable size or a pestle-mortor for this type of mixing.
Blender may be used if batch size is large enough.

Example: Geometric dilution of one gram of a potent drug to be mixed with 20 g of the diluent lactose.

  1. First dilution: Mix 1 g drug with B1 g lactose (B 2 g mixture).
  2. Second dilution: Mix B 2 g of the first dilution with 2 g of lactose with trituration (B 4 g mixture).
  3. Third dilution: Mix B 4 g of the second dilution with 4 g of lactose with trituration (B 8 g mixture).
  4. Fourth dilution: Mix B 8 g of the third dilution with 8 g of lactose with trituration (B 16 g mixture).

This process continues until the lactose is fully mixed with the blend containing active ingredient (API).

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