Reduce electrostatic during encapsulation hard capsule

Hi everyone, hope you and your family safe during the pandemic.
I am in process of encapsulating hard capsule celecoxib 200mg. Granules was prepared by wet granulation, having good flowability but when encapsulation get problem when combine 2 part of hard capsule. The cap and body capsule can not fit well caused by powder between them. I think celecoxib have potential electrostatic in surface and adhensive to capsule. Anyone have experience to solve this problem?
Thank in advance.

If are sure that, this is happened due to electrostatic charge then you can check your encapsulation machine 's earthing capacity. You should increase your earthing capacity to neutralize the electrostatic charge which generated from enacpsulation machine. Please check erthing cable.

Rather than electrostatic charge, could you please re check fill weight & fill volume of your granules? Over fill volume may cause of this type of issues.

Also note that generally: as RH% decreases , Electrostatic charges increase

Thank you all.
We just solved this problem by adding 1% talc. But I still in doubt about the root of this phenomena, granules density is approximate 0.78g/ml and Hausner ratio is 1.3, average fill weight is 450mg. Everything seem be good for encapsulation then we got long-cap and pinhole same time when joining capsule.