Reduce conductivity of PW water& WFI Water

How to reduce conductivity of PW water and WFI water.

Please check for conductivity of water after every purification step / stage in purified water generation system. Generally, conductivity can be reduced by eliminating ionic impurities in the water. You may check for cation exchanger, Anion exchenger or Mixed ion beds for its efficiency which can be increased by cleaning / re-generation of ion exchange resins if used or replacing with fresh ion exchange resins.
Relook at electro-deionization (EDI) system, increase its efficiency, if used.
Clean / replace RO membranes (Reverse osmosis), if used.

In case of WFI generation plant, relook at input water quality as suggested above. Re-look at multi-columns used to generate WFI and increase its efficiency, if required. Clean the multi-columns and entire system.

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