Reasons behind drop in differential pressure of area

Differential pressure

There could be several reasons for drop in air pressure differential. Some of them are due to leakages in the doors, improper roof -ceiling (crakks etc.), damaged HEPA filters & air supply ducts etc.

Which concentration of media for media fill should be prepared and reason behind that fixed concentration.

When does this drop in differential pressure occur? Opening room doors will cause the differential pressure to drop…

That depends on the medium of choice. Commonly used is tryptone soy broth, concentration is prescribed in Ph.Eur. 2.6.1 sterility (as media fill is regarded as a form of ‘sterility test’ of your process)

There are two types of questions here.
Please ask specific question at a time. Otherwise it is confusing to the reviewer.

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Why only 3% of soyabean casein digest medium used for most media fill study and why not other concentration.