Raw material adding procedure for Tablet

When adding API & excipient in mixing vat (RMG) do I have to follow a certain way? or I can add whatever I want?

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Charging of the material into RMG should be as per BMR Steps,
The right material and right qty to be added in RMG as per BMR instruction,

But rinsing of the API polybag, ideally should be done with excipient, to avoid losses.

Just for your information, in some cases in blending stage we are following sandwich type of addition, in which the smaller qty. of any applicable material to be placed in between the two or three big layer.i mean the order of addition.


Yes, charging of materials acc. to BMR steps and normally diluents and disintegrant added first then API then the binder solution then the lubricants.

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@AsifHussain sir & @mohamed1 sir when API in small amount (eg, dexamethasone 0.5 mg per tablet) what kind of adding technique I have follow in wet granulation?

During mixing of low dosage form you have to Geometric dilution first by the diluent with active then the materials you chose for wet mixing then complete the dry mixing portion then wet mixing.


@mehnubas1 mam, what is the procedure of that dilution?

Yes agreed with Mehnuba, Geometric mixing or Geometric dilution is a process that thoroughly mixes a small amount of a drug (usually Potent drug) with an appropriate amount of a diluent.
Ex:A geometric sequence goes from one term to the next by always multiplying (or dividing) by the same value. So 1, 2, 4, 8, 16,… is geometric

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@AsifHussain sir, what equipment/machine I need to use to perform this procedure?

Small mixer or Blender.

geomatrical mixing can also be performed manually in polythenebag if qty is small