Questions pet bottel

(Jaypal Bangari) #1

Advantage and disadvantages of pet bottel and glass bottel

(Imran Khattak) #2


  1. It is inert and will not react with contents of packaging.
    2)It does not affect Taste nor get rust.
    3)Glass is transparent easily available for optical checking.
    1)It is made of expensive material.
    2)Glass can break easily and some sharp pieces may shed in to oral syrup or solutions.

(Imran Khattak) #3

PET BOTTLES(Polyethylene Terepthalate)
1)It can not gets damaged or leak or burst hence dose is safe during shipping from one place to another.
2)It consumes less power and is flexible enough to be molded.
3) Plastic includes durability and less cost
1)Chances of plastic reaction with ingredients is more
2) It can be recycled again and again which is not good act and it can also hold smell.