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Principle of HPLC
about LOD
difference b/w 0 degree ice & 0 degree water

What should be distance between LAF and working height of filling machine.


Difference between concurrent and retrospective validation
Names of stages in tablet manufacturing where in-process stability study needs to be carried out


2.5 -3 fit from filling station to laf

Variation of Chromatographic parameters as per USP 621
Alcoa principles
GAMP software categories and LIMs chromeleon and trackwise belongs to which category
Data integrity Risk assessment with an example of mitigation plan
What is Regression analysis and when and why it is performed

Working principal of all Granulation machine like :- vibratory sifter, multi mill, rotor mill, octagonal blendar, FBE, SMG, RMG etc.

Diff.between Alcoa & Alcoa+?
Process & parameters related question and so on.

I have Questions asked in the Interview (WTP&ETP). the post of Junior Engineer.

30 CM

pls go and measure the height from surface of LAF to working height of filling machine then answer me.

As per Schedule M this is recommended height of working area 30-40 cm from the LAF bench to powder exposure .Air flow is very high 0.45M/S

pls provide part no. and step no. where it is mentioned in schedule M.