Query regarding to Chemical indicator strips for Autoclave

Hello Everyone,
I want to ask which chemical indicator strips should be used for visual confirmation for proper sterilization cycle in pressure cooker type autoclave Steam Sterilizer?

Is class 5 type of Chemical indicators, applicable to use in gravity forced Autoclave / pressure cooker type Autoclave or can we use class 6 type
of Emulating chemical indicator for autoclave steam sterilization method for visual confirmation of cycle?
is class 6 type of Chemical indicatorwork same as Biological Indicator ?
Which Chemical Indicator Strip, we can use in Autoclave for different temperatures and time parameter?
is any single chemical strip available which may work on different temperatures?eg., at 121C, temperature for 15 minutes . 121C temp. For 30 mon., 115C temp., 15 minutes, 121C, 30min?

Kindly lookout this matter & share your knowledge.

Your Response gives high appreciation.

Class-5 (Integrating indicators):

  • Integrating indicators are the most accurate of the internal chemical indicators.
  • Integrating indicators are used for pack control monitoring.
  • They can also be used as an additional monitoring tool.

Class-6 (Emulating indicators:

  • Emulating indicators are cycle verification indicators which shall be designed to react to all critical variables for specified sterilization cycle.
  • The sated values (SVs) are generated from the critical variables of the specified sterilization process.
  • This is the most accurate class of chemical indicators which met all the three critical parameters of the sterilization proces

Sir, which chemical indicator strip should be use, that covered temperature range 115° c to 121° c for 10 to 30 minutes?

Previously we used Prochem OK strip for visual confirmation of Steam Sterilization process. but this strips can not be applicable for 115°C, 15 minutes autoclave cycle of RVSEB media.

Kindly suggest Chemical indicator strips applicable for Pressure cooker type Autoclave.