QC Tests Equipments list


Can anyone explain which equipments/ instruments will use for below test in QC labs

|Foreign Insoluble Matter
|Osmotic Pressure
|Color of solution
|Specific Gravity
|Viscosity|Extractable volume

Following QC instruments are used…

Description- Test tubes (for liquid samples), Petridish, Watchglass (for solid powders)
Identification - Depends upon instrumental tests (FTIR, UV Spectrophotometer, HPLC, GC) and Reagents and chemicals for wet tests.
pH - pH meter
Assay - Depends upon the method of analysis (HPLC, GC, UV Spectrophotometer, Volumetric solutions, Indicators, Burettes & pipettes, For gravimetric analysis - Platinum crucible)
Foreign insoluble matter - Gravimetric analysis crucibles, Filtration assembly
Osmotic pressure - As per pharmacopeia
Colour of solution - Nesslar’s cylinders, Test tubes, Reagent & chemicals
Specific Gravity - Pycnometer (Specific gravity bottle)
Viscocity - Brookfield viscometer, U- tube viscometer
Extractable volume - Autoclave, Heating assembly.
LPC - ???
General instruments & accessories- Analytical weighing balance, Glass apparatus, Reagent & chemicals. Solvents, Mobile phases, Heating assembly, Distilled water / Chromatographic grade water generation unit, Potentiometer.