QC , QA & R and D

Dear All,

please help in following issue.

"Is QA department is combined with QC & RnD?

Does QA role also cover the work of quality control, development ?

Please help me with reference."

Thanx in advance.

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Dear Sharmin,
Quality control,Quality Assurance and R&D are different sections .Some activities like specifications ,SOP preparation and IPQA /IPQC activities may be simmilar. AMV and other method development might be simmilar in R&D and QC.All the 3 departments are interconnected.

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Dear Sharmin
“Quality management is a wide-ranging concept covering all matters
that individually or collectively influence the quality of a product. It is
the totality of the arrangements made with the object of ensuring that
pharmaceutical products are of the quality required for their intended
use. Quality management, therefore, incorporates GMP and other factors,
including those outside the scope of this guide, such as product design
and development” (see WHO TRS 986)

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